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simple to use

The dosage of Sleek is very simple, take 2 black capsules at bedtime and 1 yellow capsule at sunrise. Sleek capsules are well identified by color code (black/yellow) to simplify your task.

Extra cost Natural

Our formula is composed of quality natural ingredients that help you maintain good health.

Made in Canada

Our product is made in Canada with certified ingredients. Sleek is authorized for sale by Health Canada.

Gluten / Lactose Free

People who are gluten and lactose intolerant can take sleek without side effects.


Everything is based on the combination of our antioxidants, including DHM, which temporarily helps to promote a state of wakefulness and alertness.


A must for rehydrating your body. Potassium and calcium are essential minerals in your daily life.

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Health Canada / FDA

Sleek is cleared for sale by Health Canada and cleared by the FDA for distribution


We guarantee our product if our customers are not satisfied with their experience.



« … Our festival-goers are all curious when they discover SLEEK for the first time and all are unanimous: the product really works! We are very proud to support a Quebec company with such great potential… »

« …It’s great to know that you are not going to regret the next day following a fun 5 to 7 afterwork gathering. According to statistics straight out of my mind, 100% of people hate the hangover feeling the next day. Sleek has proven to be a really effective remedy. »

« … No need to compromise, it is now possible to party and say goodbye to unproductive mornings!” We tried them out recently and they really work! Amen! »

From a simple idea to a winning formula

Our team at SLEEK has surrounded itself with strategic partnerships with Laval University and the Cintech Laboratory. Both combine many years of experience and a strong reputation in the field of chemistry in Canada. In addition, we always use high quality ingredients to ensure that SLEEK is an ally you can count on, it’s our way of helping people find a better life and help people find a better balance.

why create sleek?

At SLEEK, we understand the reality of people with busy schedules. Many professionals, parents, athletes and people with active lifestyles are faced with the dilemma of how to be efficient at work and spend time with their families while finding time for themselves and their friends.

Our team that developed the SLEEK morning after the product has a clear goal: to help our users find a balance between an active and productive life.